Australian TV team arrives in Brazil to film artisanal cheeses

By SerTãoBras editorial staff, April 17, 2013 , translated by Robin Geld


Will Studd, cheese specialist for over 3 decades, arrives in Brazil to film our raw milk cheeses

On April 19, Cheese Slices, the Australian TV Program out to discover what’s on the map at a time of growing worldwide interest in artisanal cheeses, arrives in Brazil.                 ( Headed by Will Studd, one of the greatest specialists in the matter, Cheese Slices has visited various countries in search of the most interesting cheeses in terms of taste, texture and aroma.

Exploring the global resurgence of raw milk cheese making, the team now arrives in Brazil to get to know some of our best products. SerTãoBras, a long time supporter of Minas raw milk cheese and supportive of this team’s endeavour, will accompany them on their visits and filmings in three states. In Minas Gerais, Cheese Slices will visit the Canastra Mountain region, where they will get to watch (and savour) the production of some of the most famous cheeses in the state. In São Paulo, they will visit renown chefs who use raw milk cheese in their dishes, as well as raw cheese vending points. And in Rio Grande do Sul, in the southern Gaucho Mountains, they will follow up on the production of the well appreciated Serrano and Colonial cheeses.

Who is Will Studd?


Cheese Slices team in Brazil to get to know our best raw milk cheeses

Will Studd has been working as a cheese specialist for over three decades. In the 70’s he established a delicatessen in central London, and in 1981 he moved to Australia. He has since worked hard at promoting a better understanding of what a good cheese is, and advancing the cause of raw milk cheese production, threatened by strict safety standards,

Will Studd’s first book, Chalk and Cheese, was published in 1999 and won a series of international prizes. He has been highly sought by cheese aficionados. In 2002, the French government awarded Studd the Agricultural Order of Merit for his advancement of traditional raw milk cheeses. Since 2004, the TV series Cheese Slices has centered on artisanal cheeses throughout the world.


Belo Horizonte

Central Market

Museum of Arts and Crafts


Serra da Canastra

The making of Canastra Real cheese

Trip up to the São Francisco River source

Cheese distribution outlet

Cheese production Brazil-France video show at the main square in São Roque de Minas (6:30 PM)


Serra da Canastra

Production of local cheese

Up to the Falls

Local production of cheese and cheese buns


Serra da Canastra

and Belo Horizonte

Visiting cheese producers

Trip to Belo Horizonte


Serra Gaúcha – Município de Vacarias

Visit to Aurélio Dalaio’s farm, to film  Colonial Cheese

Visiting traditional sites in the region


Serra Gaúcha – São José dos Ausentes

Production of Serrano Cheese on the farm

Visiting traditional sites in the region


São Paulo

Markets, shops and restaurants


São Paulo

Restaurants  and  emporiums


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