Egypt gov’t plans to legalise tuk-tuks

Nation’s controversial three-wheel motors could finally be licenced, says local newspaper report

Ahram Online, Wednesday 31 Oct 2012

Tuk-tuk licences could be on the way (Photo: Ahram file)

The tuk-tuk, Egypt’s much-derided three-wheel transport, could finally be officially licenced for use on the country’s streets, the state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reports.
Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil met with the interior minister on Monday to discuss new procedures by which tuk-tuk owners could obtain licence plates for their motorised vehicles.
A ministerial decision on the matter will be released soon, Al-Ahram’s report claims.
Qandil also said a solution was coming for the problem of unlicenced motorcycles, popular with vast numbers of Egyptian youth.
In February, Egypt’s sole tuk-tuk assembler GB Auto campaigned for the budget vehicle to be reclassified as a motorcycle, which would qualify it for lower sales tax.
Egypt’s sales tax department said that since tuk-tuks often serve as taxis they should be taxed in the same way.
Tuk-tuks made up 12 per cent of GB Auto’s sales in 2011, up from 8 per cent the year before.

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