Tuk-tuk makes its way to the UAE

via Gulfnews:-

Dubai: A three-wheeled vehicle called tuk-tuk turned heads in Sharjah on Thursday.

A tuk-tuk, or automated rickshaw, is a common sight in many Southeast Asian countries, but seeing it run from Sharjah going to Dubai fascinated many motorists.

Motorists elsewhere in the world would have felt the same way. The tuk tuk’s UAE leg, after all, was part of a world tour by Alexander Saxon and Kevan Pulfrey.

They aim to drive from London, through 38 countries in four continents, reaching a total distance of 65,000km. Both Saxon and Pulfrey aim to make their journey land in the pages of the Guinness World Record to be the first tuk-tuk to achieve such a feat.

A tuk-tuk — the name derives from the sound made by its engine — has a 650cc engine and can run up to 70mph. It’s also believed to be more environmentally friendly than an average car.

“This epic adventure will see us driving across Europe, Asia and the Americas. We will traverse mountains, conquer deserts, explore rainforests, and battle through snow,” the world tour website reads. “We will face dangers, overcome fears and have our eyes opened to the delights of planet earth.”

Besides being an epic adventure, the journey will provide the duo a venue to raise funds for two chosen charities through donations.

Source http://arabia.msn.com/uae/uae-news/472616/tuk-tuk-makes-its-way-to-the-uae/

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