Micronarrativas: Viaje Por Un Sol

The growing number of motokars and mobility in Peru that brought three-wheeled vehicle for the local disadvantaged background are the themes of the series Viaje Por un SoL. 12 micronarratives be released weekly as a result of the partnership between the filmmaker and Eryk Rocha  and SerTãoBras
More than 400 000 motokars are currrently in Peru in a fleet of only 1.4 million vehicles (Brazil has 49 million cars!). The Motocar – Peruvian equivalent of the tuk-tuk or autorickshaw – is widespread throughout the country, except in the central areas of large cities. The series title, Viaje Por un SoL, refers to the marginal cost of an average race – 1 sol (Peruvian currency) – which equates to only R$ 0.57.In view of SerTãoBras images enliven the debate on alternative transportation popular in Brazil. It is important to show – on the go – this three-wheeled vehicle at this time in Brazil where the two wheels (bike) is at the center of controversy over security and democracy in transit.


Route Map



Crew of the filmDirection, Photography and Camera: Eryk Rocha

Assembly and Sound Design: Jeff Vallone

Production and Direction: SerTãoBras

Search: Li An and Deborah Pereira

Direct Sound: Vitor Moreira

Sound editing and mixing: Edson Secco

Music: Black Leo, played by Leo Black and Lucy Agnes

Assistant Director: Gustavo Neves

Production in Peru: Eduardo Ramos and Cecilia Fox



Eryk Rocha – Director

Eryk was born in Brasilia in 1978, and lived in several Latin American countries. He studied film at San Antonio College in Los Baños, Cuba, where he performed “Flying Rock” (2002), his first feature film. The film was selected for international film festivals in Venice, Locarno, Montreal, Rotterdam and Havana, among others. Was named best film at the International Festival’s All True, Cinesul Festival in 2002, with Saul Yelin Choir Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana (2002) and Best Opera Prima Award at the Festival of Rosario, Argentina (2003).In 2004, he made the short film “Chimera”, a film that was part of the official competition of the Cannes festival (2004) and Sundance (2006) and participated in several festivals in Brazil and abroad, such as Montreal, New York, Bilbao, Korea South and Havana and received the award for best short film at the Festival International de Montevideo (2005) and the Festival of Bethlehem (2004).

In 2006, his second feature film “Clandestine Interval” was selected, among other festivals, to Montreal, Montevideo, Guadalajara, Popolli, receiving the Special Award Honorable Mention in the Festival of Guadalajara. In 2010, he released the film Pachamama ¨ ° which won the award for best documentary feature film in 2009 Cineport.

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