Motocar (Tuk Tuk) The day-to-day lifestyle of Huaycán, Peru : Viaje Por Un SoL (series directed by Eryk Rocha and presented by SerTãoBras)

Huaycan is a community located on the outskirts of Lima. Currently, there are approximately 160,000 people, most of them immigrant settlers who came from other parts of Peru, attracted by job opportunities in the capital Lima. Eryk Rocha : ‘the site was chosen because there are a lot of tuk tuk (mototaxi) here . We did the mapping and identified the potential of this region. It is a poor place which has perhaps the highest concentration of motokars in Peru. And today it is essential in everyday life of that community. We seek to bring some of this in the video, “he says.

Mariela Cornejo, 43, merchant and resident of Huaycan, is the character who guides the micronarrative. She is a passenger on that Motokar which she uses for  modest amount of money (R$ 0.57). In the film, she appears transiting the local market in motocars.
According to Eryk Rocha, the film is notable for informational format. In the scenario are dozens of motokars circulating through the streets and avenues of the site. As the series has shown, the vehicle is used to transport people, animals and all kinds of cargo: fruits, building materials, small purchases, among others, and people. Hence the fact that it is so popular in the country, especially for the poorest populations.

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