Terra Motors e-Trike, the Tuk-Tuk of the Future



Via autoevolution

BY  , 13TH DECEMBER 2012

Here’s one amusing and at the same time very interesting piece of news from the world of electric vehicles: if you thought that tuk-tuks (rickshaws) are a thing of the past, prepare for a surprise in the shape of the Terra Motors e-Trike.

Terra Motors is a Japanese company which has specialize din building electric scooters and enjoys a rather good business in the local market. With more than 3000 units sold from their start 2 years ago, it was only natural that development and new ideas followed.

So here the E-Trike, a project developed in partnership with the Philippine government. The Philippine officials have launched a special program trying to replace the traditional combustion trikes with cleaner, electric ones.

With a lease to own program sustaining the development of the E-Trike and production of more than 100,000 initial units, the Philippine government seems to make a good step towards a cleaner country, even though the initial run seems an insignificant amount when compared to the existing 3.5 millions of such vehicles currently in circulation.

The Terra Motors e-Trike will be able to carry 6 passengers and a driver, with a top speed of 55 km/h and provide an 80 km max range. No official pricing has been announced, but we are expecting news on this nifty trike soon.

Via http://www.autoevolution.com/news/terra-motors-e-trike-the-tuk-tuk-of-the-future-52931.html

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