Rickshaw Camper

‘Bufalino’ concept car, an apartment on three wheels. German designer Cornelius Comanns managed to turn a tiny three-wheeled vehicle into a rolling home.

The concept behind the Bufalino is to offer flexibility during travel. The Bufalino camper could easily be converted into your dream bedroom or office. The minimalist construction is based on the existing Piaggio APE 50 three-wheeled vehicle. The three-wheeler has an edge over other vehicles in its range as far as fuel efficiency is concerned.

‘my aim was to give people a better understanding of the country, the surrounding, and the range they have travelled. the travelling vehicle is always with you like some kind of a base camp, while also being used for moving on in an easygoing and spontaneous way.’ – Cornelius Comanns

Source: http://rickshawchallenge.com/blog/category/auto-rickshaw/page/3/

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