Wearable battery that charges up your devices on the go being conceived in Kiwi-land

Seems like the world is just so keen on alternative energy, that everyone’s now taking the human body too to be a power house of sorts! Piezoelectricity is quickly catching on with concept designs sprouting up every now and then, creating new ways to harvest human-energy to power devices. Recently, the Auckland Bioengineering Institute’s Biomimetics Lab recently came up with a wearable battery that charges up on the go. Flexible, light-weight and inexpensive, this could just be the best way to keep your portable devices like mobile phones and mp3 players charged up all the while!

No longer will you need to worry about juicing up your mobile phone to its maximum before you go out into the outdoors, not when you carry an energy generator like this wearable battery around!

Source: http://www.greenlaunches.com/gadgets-and-tech/wearable-battery-that-charges-up-your-devices-on-the-go-being-conceived-in-kiwiland.php


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