The female tuktuk driver [India’s Trailblazers – BBC Report]

Tuk Tuks have a great potential to generate employment and yet prove to be a beneficial ride for both driver and traveller. They solve a major purpose ofcommutation in a market-led economy. Especially in a country like India, where women are still dominated by men, and a bureaucratic system has always kept them down, the case of such as Sunita, a middle aged woman from Delhi who has chosen to be a TUK TUK driver, TUK TUKS  are very promising.

Here’s what BBC says about the topic:

Wednesday, 29 May 2013, Via BBC

India and the country’s attitude towards women have been in the spotlight for some months, following a series of violent assaults.

But far from seeing themselves as potential victims, some Indian women are breaking into industries usually dominated by men.

As part of its series on India’s Trailblazers, BBC News spoke to one woman, who works as a tuktuk driver in Delhi.

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