Diesel-powered Indian three-wheeler to be assembled in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Via Saaw 2012, October 8, 2012

A R30 000 multi-purpose diesel-powered three-wheeled transporter being assembled in Port Elizabeth has been launched at the South African Automotive Week.

Motogreen has partnered with Atul Auto in India, which has been manufacturing three wheeler commercial vehicles for the past 40 years, and Dynamic Automotive systems in Port Elizabeth, which is assembling the vehicle.

Powered by a 400cc diesel engine, the vehicle   comes in a wide range of configurations.

They include three or six-passenger people carriers, water tankers, tippers, mobile shops, waste removal trucks, ambulance, mobile libraries, delivery vans, and pick up.

The vehicle can carry half a ton (500kg), and has been designed for dusty and rough terrain.

According to the company, the operating cost is around 65 cents per kilometer.

Spares and maintenance are described as “affordable”.

The vehicle will be on show to the public during the South African Automotive Week Trade Show taking place at The Boardwalk.

Via http://saaw2012.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/diesel-powered-indian-three-wheeler-to-be-assembled-in-port-elizabeth/

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