People start to question HTA’s decision to keep the tuk tuk away (Hanoi, Vietnam)


Tuk tuk is used quite common in some countries in Southeast Asia, but in
Vietnam means this can not replace the motor (Internet photo)

Will “explode” competition with taxis?

As soon as the Hanoi Transport Association proposed the idea to enter circulate tuk tuks to limit people’s use of motor traffic in the inner city, there were a lot of people who did not seem to agree.

It must be added that, with this proposal, the Hanoi Transport Association suggested the Ministry of Transport to initiate the circulation of tuk tuk on the roads in connection with the bus shelters and on the highway. Here, the tuk tuk will act as a means of “gathering” visitors from suburban routes to the bus stop to move on and take off from the inner city to suburban bus.

In the context of the current traffic, there are no statistics about the number of cars from the suburbs to the inner city, no  study has also indicated motorcycles from the suburbs to move into the city center. In fact, regional roads in the county, district and commune levels are overqualified for vehicle traffic.
Prof. TS. Nguyen Quang Toan, former Chairman of the Department of Roads, the Hanoi University of Transport, said: “In essence, the tuk tuk that other countries are using, at the transport level, the use of this three wheel type does not affect anything, but another aspect of this idea is more serious about the business issues and means”.

According to him, if people in some areas of the district really need to take the bus that waited a point relatively far, the tuk tuk shuttle (share ride) would be convenient and safe. But, what the tuk tuk does not solve is the problem of passengers carrying goods.

“Currently, when bus passengers are prohibited from carrying goods which are bulky, which is also the reason why many people choose the convenience of motorbikes, they ride and can carry on to any public places. Meanwhile, the target of the tuk tuk is to collect and bring passengers to the bus waiting to go”, – Mr. Toan analysis.

According to his explanation, taxis in the district and social area are cheap and can carry a variety of the number of passengers the vehicle can also run a lot of cargo continuously if there are needs … So tuk tuk will be very difficult to compete with taxis.


Tuk tuk motorcycle can not be replaced

Many people ask questions: tuk tuk circulation, the benefits people enjoy? Tuk tuk really necessary and best meet the travel needs of the people? Tuk tuk are banned for safety issues?

In view of the TS. Nguyen Xuan Thuy – Resources experts Transportation Department (Ministry of Transport), tuk tuks and cars do not differ, and that the proposed import and for tuk tuk circulation is not suitable.

“Tuk tuk have outstanding advantages such as passenger and freight transport markets, has strength in the broad area of ​​rural roads and the cost is not high. However, while agencies have put a ban for years on lambrettas, homemade 3-4 wheel vehicles, agricultural vehicles to ensure traffic safety and are still not getting anywhere, proposing to enter and save tuk tuk is contrary to this policy. The “momentum” therefore means is “slapped by rain water” – Mr. Glass said.

According to Glass, reasoning Transport Association for tuk tuk circulation and to restrict motorcycles in the city to contribute to the limited series personal car is the only way in form but not feasible for all.

“The number of motorcycles from the suburbs into the inner city is not big enough to be the culprit contributing to congestion. And in fact, the motor industry’s current development can not be limited anymore, if you want to lose motorcycles must have a long-term roadmap.

Mr. Glass also recognized, if necessary for circulation tuk tuk, Vietnam is fully capable of producing new, imports should not be abused because it interferes with foreign currency losses.
Translated by google, edited by 3 Wheeled Cheese

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