Tuk tuks proposed for use in Hanoi, Vietnam

TUOI TRE , Updated : Tue, September 11, 2012

In an effort to limit the use of personal vehicles and ease congestion in the capital, the Hanoi Transport Association has proposed tuk tuks be imported for use.

Bui Danh Lien, chairman of the Hanoi Transport Association, said the agency has proposed that city authorities and the Transport Department allow the import of 3- and 4-wheeled tuk tuks for use in Hanoi.

According to the association, many other countries, such as Thailand, India, and Singapore effectively use this kind of public transportation.

The association said it will send a mission to an ASEAN fair to survey quality and prices of tuk tuks on September 20.

Therefore, the association proposed the ministry allow the use of the vehicle on streets, but not on national highways.

Lien said that allowing these vehicles to run on inter-commune and inter-district roads will help transport passengers from bus stops.

This would help limit the number of motorbikes from suburban areas coming into the city, Lien said.

Via http://www.tuoitrenews.vn/cmlink/tuoitrenews/society/tuk-tuks-proposed-for-use-in-hanoi-1.85753

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