Firm’s oxygen-depleting technology for measuring aerobic bacterial levels now available for raw milk applications


Mocon is making its GreenLight instrumentation available for dairy applications, the company announced.

Mocon’s oxygen-depleting technology for measuring aerobic bacterial levels can provide results for raw milk between 30 minutes and five hours, according to the manufacturer. This compares to 48-hour to 72-hours required by the traditional, agar-based standard plate count method, Mocon said.

The GreenLight series was developed to deliver fast and precise bacterial load results in a cost-effective manner, the firm said. GreenLight instruments are ideal for raw milk testing including dairies, cooperatives, laboratories and farmers.

“Raw milk testing is a time consuming process that removes resources from other value-adding activities,” said Alan Traylor, business manager, food safety products, Mocon. “GreenLight’s speed, simplicity, precision and low-cost entry is an ideal productivity-enhancing tool.”

To conduct the test, the milk sample is poured into a bar-coded APCheck vial, which has built-in sensor material. Raw milk has sufficient nutrients so added buffers, reagents or dilutions are not required before testing, Mocon said.

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