Dairy Company Receives License to Sell Raw Milk Products (Iceland)

Via icelandreview.com, 22.07.2012

Dairy company Biobú ehf. will start producing dairy products made of unpasteurized milk, which they will receive directly from dairy farmers, after obtaining a license from the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST).

Photo Copyright Icelandic Photo Agency.

“We get the milk straight away, instead of having to wait one day before it reaches us,” Helgi Rafn Gunnarsson told Morgunblaðið.

The company was also granted a permit to export the products to overseas markets.

Biobú produces organic yogurt, skyr and ice cream from organic milk delivered from farmers.

Pasteurization is a process that kills bacteria by heating milk to a specific temperature for a set period of time. Those for the practice argue that it kills harmful bacteria and is necessary. Laws prohibiting the sale of raw milk exist in some countries.

Proponents for raw milk, on the other hand, argue that it can be produced safely and that the health benefits of milk are destroyed during the pasteurization process.

Biobú say the company went through a rigorous process to obtain the license and will follow strict guidelines throughout production.


Via http://www.icelandreview.com/icelandreview/daily_news/Dairy_Company_Receives_License_to_Sell_Raw_Milk_Products_0_391931.news.aspx

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