Electric Tuk-tuks now circulating around the streets of Barcelona

18/7/12 , Via Sertãobras

Barcelona starts using electric tuk-tuks, manufactured in the Netherlands, to provide transport services to tourists visiting the capital. In this video, produced by Riba de Castro and Mabel Monfil especially for SerTãoBras, Carlos Perdomo, owner of the project shows the advantages of electric vehicles. He reports that the Tuk-tuk runs a day with one battery charge and is loaded into a wall outlet of 220 volts overnight. The tuk tuk is free to use 80 km with a load of energy supply and the cost to complete is € 0.50.

In the video, Perdomo gives a message to Brazilians: “In Brazil, could be used very well in the coastal cities with the highest influx of tourists. An activity, that would be awesome. ”

Via http://www.sertaobras.org.br/tuk-tuk/tuk-tuks-eletricos-comecam-a-circular-nas-ruas-de-barcelona/

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