Like kibbeh, raw milk has tradition

By Karen Selick, The Windsor Star July 9, 2012

I agree with The Star’s conclusion that the health unit should respect the culture and traditions of Lebanese people and should therefore reverse the kibbeh ban.

Does The Star also recognize that consuming raw milk is deeply ingrained in Canadian culture and tradition? It’s what everyone was drinking when the first settlers came to Canada in the 1600s.

Louis Pasteur (for whom pasteurization was named) didn’t even develop his heat treating process until 1862, and it wasn’t commonly used until decades later. A recent survey of dairy farmers showed that 88.7 per cent of farm families still consume milk raw on their farms.

Notwithstanding this tradition, the Ontario government has banned the sale and distribution of raw milk. My client Michael Schmidt will be returning to the Ontario Court of Appeal on July 25 to attempt to challenge this legislation.

Does The Star agree that those who want to drink raw milk should have the freedom to do so?

KAREN SELICK, Belleville

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