Bajaj RE60 is only for auto rickshaw drivers

The Bajaj RE60 has been a project which has given rise to many rumors in the past. During its unveiling before the Auto Expo, Rajiv Bajaj clearly demarcated that the RE60 is not a car but a three-wheeler with one extra wheel for stability. It is powered by a 200cc twin spark petrol engine that delivers 20PS of power. The RE60 is not just for India, it will be sold in Sri Lanka where the auto rickshaw is used for personal transport.

Questions were raised for this rather unique product positioning. Many also compared the RE60 to the Tata Nano. Rajiv Bajaj is at it again clarifying our doubts about the RE60.

While speaking to Business Standard, Mr Bajaj said that the RE60 is not a Tata Nano rival because the Nano was envisioned for people who are looking to upgrade from a motorcycle to a car but do not have the financial backing. On the other hand, the RE60 is meant only for auto drivers and their passengers.

It gives the assurance of comfort and safety to the three-wheeler owners. It will be slightly more expensive than a three wheeler but returns 35-40kmpl mileage in real world conditions. It will also be the same size of an Auto rickshaw and will cost the same to maintain as well.

He clarified that the RE60 is not targeted at the four-wheeler segment. And he has no intention of claiming that the RE 60 is the cheapest car in the world.


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