Chinese Electric Vehicles To enter Kerala, India!

China, a country more famous for making cheap replicas of popular products is aiming at India to launch its product offensive. And the first target appears to be Kerala. Romai Electric Vehicles, a Shanghai based company is planning to launch its electric tricycles in Kerala.

These electric tricycles are powered by batteries that can be charged at any electric point. The company has brought some of its products for testing in god’s own country. The tricycles are expected to be marketed as a replacement to conventional petrol\LPG powered auto rickshaws.

The main advantage of these Chinese tricycles are their low price. They are expected to be priced around Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000. Although Romai has not openly said its tricycles can be an alternative to auto rickshaws, but people who have seen them say they can pose a challenge to the Indian vehicles.

Romai currently has a range of electric vehicles powered by motors from 60 watts to 1000 watts. Reports say Romai will launch models that are more than 200 watts in India. It intends to promote its vehicles by highlighting some of their advantages such as low price, low maintenance, low running costs, zero emissions and practicality.


2 responses to “Chinese Electric Vehicles To enter Kerala, India!

  1. This trike is probably a good step for both countries as there is a ridiculous traffic and smog issue. Seems like a step in the right direction especially if these can be deemed reliable and with its range.

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