Farm-fresh, unprocessed milk is a taste of liberty

We live in interesting times. On one hand, we have become the most “advanced” civilization known to human history, and on the other, we as citizens have become numb to how the world around us is actually being run.

It is important to shed the light on corporate interests (no, they are not all bad) running government with their big checks and promises of re-election support.

So there is the ongoing battle in our state for the legalization of raw, unprocessed milk. We are the only state within the surrounding six that still has made it illegal for a citizen to access fresh milk from a farmer without manipulation by a food company — you may know this process as pasteurization.

Now, many of you may think that this manipulation is necessary based on the scary things that you have heard from the dairy industry (milk currently can’t be consumed legally unless it has passed through their hands) and the germ-based fear mongering that has run our food and medical system for the past century. But, outcomes are showing that an obsession on protecting people from germs is only creating more powerful germs (superbugs) and disrespecting the innate immunity and intelligence that surges through the human body.

Sterilizing our environment only hurts our ability to function and thrive.

There are a few points to be clear about. We are not asking for unpasteurized milk to be sold in grocery stores. We are not asking to interrupt the current process that any consumer would go through to purchase their milk from a grocery store. Iowans simply want our choice to access unprocessed milk to be legal as it is in 40 other states.

Fellow Iowans, all we are asking for is to have the freedom to purchase fresh milk from a farmer, as we have done as human beings for our entire existence on this planet.

We do not need the dairy council to protect us from ourselves. We do not need the government to protect us from ourselves.

Milk, in its fresh state is no more a dangerous medium for germs than any other fresh food. And I don’t need the government telling me what I can and can’t eat. Stand up for your freedoms as a citizen, no matter what type of milk you prefer to drink.

When the current bill passes, we will all be free to choose.

Jake Velie is the chief education officer for Healthy for Life University in Des Moines. For information, go to


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