Tuk Tuk Threatens Okada Business in Bauchi (Nigeria)

Transportation is without gainsaying, very paramount in the life of the people. In fact, it could be asserted that without transportation, there would be no or stunted development in the society.

Nowadays people use bicycles, motor cycles and cars etc to move from one place to another. While those who have no vehicles of their own opt for commercial means of transportation to take them to their destinations.

Some years back, the most popular means of commercial transportation patronized in Bauchi to various destinations were taxis. Taxis, at the time, plied all the metropolitan roads, carrying passengers to various places of work or business. But with the advent of commercial motorcyclists, popularly known as Okada, in the state, this business was taken over from the taxi drivers who eventually quit the business in the metropolis to carry only passengers traveling to villages.

Since then, the Okada operators have monopolized the transportation business in the state for more than a decade now, recording high turnover everyday. LEADERSHIP SUNDAY gathered that a commercial motorcyclist gets about N1000 to N1800 daily in the business despite their ever-growing number in the state.

Read the full story here

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