Canadian Raw Milk Debate Coming To A Boil

Dozens of Saskatchewan residents say they’re getting a raw deal from the federal government because they’re forced to go underground to buy unpasteurized milk they believe is more nutritious than what’s sold in grocery stores.

The long-simmering debate between raw-milk consumers and federal officials continues across the country where law-breaking dairy producers share small quantities of unpasteurized milk to local buyers despite a federal law prohibiting its sale in Canada.

Raw-milk drinkers are calling on Ottawa to lift its ban on the sale of raw milk and introduce a new milk category and introduce testing and quality control to help ensure it’s safe to drink.

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One response to “Canadian Raw Milk Debate Coming To A Boil

  1. “Testing and quality control” sounds like industry-speak for “Let’s make it so expensive that only the big providers can do it.”

    We also need to ensure the right to free association and common ownership, free of any and all “testing and quality control” imposed by the state.

    If someone wants to be able to buy raw milk in their grocery store, “testing and quality control” may be warranted.

    But if they want to get it from their neighbour, or group together with others of like mind in order to own dairy animals and share the output, the government should stay the hell out of the way.

    No amount of government-sanctioned “testing and quality control” will bring back the dozen people that Maple Leaf Foods killed. And no amount of threatening micro-producers with big-ag-style “testing and quality control” is going to keep people from doing it on their own anyway.

    So let’s all just agree that there are two “milks” out there, and they need to be treated differently and separately. “One size fits all” simply means only the mega-producers can afford to be in business.

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