Raw milk vending machine in London department store

Now this is dairy technology at its finest: a raw milk vending machine in a department store in London. Rebecca Smithers at The Guardian has the story:

A major London department store is giving consumers the chance to buy unpasteurised milk, despite the government food watchdog’s claim that the move is illegal on public health grounds.

The milk, known as raw milk, is banned from mainstream sale in England, Scotland and Wales. Its distribution is so tightly regulated that supermarkets and mainstream retailers are not allowed to stock it, although it can be sold directly by producers.

But the growing number of raw milk devotees are now able to buy it fresh from a vending machine in Selfridges food hall in London’s west end.

Via http://www.culturecheesemag.com/news/raw_milk_vending_machines_uk

2 responses to “Raw milk vending machine in London department store

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