Tuk Tuk locally known as “Keke Napep” in Nigeria provides income for the youth

All over the world, there are various and affordable means of transportation. Sometimes, these means is also a way of livelihood for the employment needs of people below the classified cadre of any given society, is cardinal to the sustenance of any social order. In Abuja metropolis, Keke NAPEP doubles as a means of cheap transportation, as well as a viable source income, to teeming Nigerian youths, especially males.

“Those who drive as well as patronize Keke NAPEP are poor people but we have provided a means of transportation for them in the Federal Capital Territory, these nine years. Driving ‘Keke’ is the best business for any young man in this country; keke is better than driving trailers, airplanes. Within one week, you will learn how to drive keke, there is no keke driver that is a poor man. I want the Nigerian Government to come back to keke line again, and begin to invest, “ these were the words of Austine Agbo Apeh, the Chairman, Federal Capital Territory of the Keke NAPEP (National Poverty Eradication Programme) Forum, told national accord in his office at the Garki Modern market, Abuja, which is also the Head Office of the FCT Keke NAPEP FORUM.

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