Government Protects “the Children” From Parents and Raw Milk

by Karen De Coster

This dumbed-down piece on the website Real Raw Milk Facts is one of the most inept propaganda pieces I have ever seen making the case against raw milk. The author of the piece, Richard Raymond, invokes hyperbolic history and distorted facts to make the case that, under no instance, should any person be able to freely purchase raw milk. Among the many reasons he wants to see federal laws against the sale and purchase of raw milk: the CDC and the FDA do not endorse raw milk. He writes:

Laws are written for a reason, usually to help keep us safe. Parents who find ways to circumvent the laws should be held responsible when their children suffer because of their actions.

But to buy this product and feed it to your children? Might as well lock them in your car on a 100 degree day while you stop by the casino to try and win the jackpot.

Mr. Raymond goes on to say that children don’t have a choice whether or not to ingest raw milk because their parents make that decision for them. Mr. Raymond believes that since parents do not always make the “right choice for their kids,” government needs to step in with laws and make those choices for them. And who gets to decide whose choice is “right?” Of course, government – the CDC and the FDA – is always “right” by default, and anything that goes against the health establishment’s credo is “not right.” Mr. Raymond thinks that the government should make the choice about the food your kids can eat, as well as the immunizations they must receive.

Raymond then breaks rhythm and he goes on to sneak in some strange comments promoting the irradiation of beef, a move that is opposed by consumer groups. He says that this irradiation will “save lives.” Safe, safe, safe, safety, safety, safety. Government only tyrannizes the people to keep them safe. Can these shills for safety ever come up with a more imaginative line? Irradiation is just another ploy of the Food Safety Nazis and the government-endorsed Health Establishment to “keep us all safe.” And consumer groups oppose this scheme because of the lack of requirements on the part of manufacturers to inform consumers that their products have received heavy doses of radiation.

Now let’s follow the money. So who is Mr. Richard Raymond? He is “the former Undersecretary for Food Safety, U.S. Department of Agriculture (2005-2008) who works as a food safety and public health consultant.” And what about the website, where this article appears? It is a propaganda website supported by MarlerClark, Attorneys at Law. This is a firm where lawyers get very wealthy promoting the industrial-food safety establishment, crushing food freedom, and taking away individual choice by partnering with government and its agencies.

Bill Marler, the managing partner, is recognized as one of the premier Food Safety Nazis on the planet. Several weeks ago, I tweeted a comment calling Bill Marler a Food Safety Nazi (among other things). He actually took the time to tweet back to me, and he engaged me over two days in a Tweet tit-for-tat. I give him credit for that, but, he actually tweeted to me: I just want to keep people safe. I do not make that up. Mr. Marler, we do not need or want you to keep us “safe,” because your version of “safe” is influenced by special interests, a political agenda, and a money trail. On the other hand, each individual’s own version of “safe” is unique to him, his family, his children, and whatnot. Our “safe” is our decision, based on our knowledge and experience, so leave us the hell alone.

I will make sure I tweet this post right to Mr. Marler’s phone.

Read the Full Article Here:

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