A walk along the rivers in Peru: Viaje Por Un Sol (series directed by Eryk Rocha and presented by SerTãoBras)

The rivers in Peru are places of beauty and life, as well as a source of livelihood for many families in the country. Eryk Rocha, director of the film, highlights its importance in the economy of the Peruvian cities. “The micronarrative shows the flow of trade around the rivers. The products come from rivers and go to the market by Mototaxi (tuk tuk). Thus, this clip also shows how the life of the riverside population is, ” Eryk says.


The Mototaxi adapts well to the dynamism of local trade, serving as a liaison between the rivers and the markets


Following the vision of a mototaxita flowing through these sites, the camera director highlights the movement of free markets, with their tents, where they sell all kinds of groceries.

The film shows again the versatility of the Mototaxi. As seen in the pictures, the vehicle is very well suited to the dynamism of local businesses. It is being used to transport all kinds of cargo: fruits, building materials, small purchases, among others, as well as passengers, of course. Its main feature is this, which makes it  the most popular vehicle in the country.

Source: http://www.sertaobras.org.br/passeio-as-margens-dos-rios-peruanos/

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