Dr. Mercola Interviews Ron Paul (Liberty, the Economy and Raw Milk): Ron Paul on the run for President

Shortly before announcing his official campaign run for President, Congressman Ron Paul made a statement introducing legislation to allow interstate raw milk sales. He believes that people should have a right to consume something they believe to be healthy and if there is a major concern for safety it should be taken up via state and local laws. He references the recent FDA sting operation prosecuting Rainbow Acres Farm in Pennsylvania for meeting the club members’ demand for unpasteurized milk.

He also introduced legislation to require that the federal government respect state laws allowing industrial hemp to be cultivated in America. Currently industrial hemp is imported. Although industrial hemp is in the technical definition of marijuana, it contains only minute amounts of psychoactive chemicals.

The introduction of these bills have come at a perfect time to garner more awareness and support freedom to consume unpasteurized milk or create products using hemp resources. Paul hopes his colleagues will join him in cosponsoring the bill and promoting individual rights. Read his statement below.

~Health Freedoms

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