BRJ joins job creation programs in Egypt by adding Tuk Tuks to the transportation program


JEDDAH: Bab Rizq Jameel Egypt (BRJ Egypt), an initiative of ALJ Community Initiatives, has announced that the first batch of tuk-tuks has been delivered to beneficiaries.

The new transportation vehicle, tuk-tuks, has been added to the transportation ownership program that was started in May 2010 and has so far created 118 job opportunities. The idea of the program is based on financing the purchase of a tricycle called tuk-tuk, a three-wheeler that accommodates three passengers. Due to its small size, the tuk-tuk has the ability to navigate narrow roads.

Through the program, BRJ purchases tuk-tuks at wholesale prices, then sells them to beneficiaries at the same price in interest-free installments ranging from 12 to 24 months. The beneficiary is only required to pay administrative fees.  Since the launch of the program at the beginning of this month, 12 beneficiaries have joined the program.

Maaz Al-Faramawi, executive director of BRJ Egypt, said that adding the new transportation vehicle to BRJ activities is in line with BRJ uninterrupted initiatives to launch new and creative job creation programs.

Tuk-tuks have long been in use in Asia, notably in Thailand where the name originated.

Egypt-made tuk-tuks are also now being used in Gaza, where they are popularly called “takatek.”


2 responses to “BRJ joins job creation programs in Egypt by adding Tuk Tuks to the transportation program

  1. dear,,, actually there is no comments but i need to provide me the lowest price of tuk tuk(rickshaw) as we need big quantity because we want to establish a popular transport way.

    you kindly requested to provide us lyour suitable list price and tuk tuk picture,.

    we hope we work together inti future.

    business development manager

    rafic elsaabi

    • Hey Rafic,

      We do not sell Tuk Tuks but we do help companies with all the information you might need for buying Tuk Tuks, informing your customers about its advantages and even provide you with latest information on Tuk Tuks including legal specifications and laws. Could you please tell us which country are you planning to operate in and then we could send you some information. We would definitely like to assist your company.


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