Raw milk legal in India and Mexico?

Holy cow forages for edible cardboard in the streets while an Indian milkman makes his rounds on a motorbike. Quick, send them some Aid, so they can be just like us.


Here is a story from India, where they don’t have the benefit of USDA inspection, and where it seems their holy cows have to forage for cardboard on the streets…. and where the milkman rides a motorcycle. While this is not the way we’d like to see raw milk done in North America, it makes one wonder just how “robust” the product is, in terms of having it’s own immune system, if it can withstand this sort of a production and delivery. Photos and story are from “A Life in Mexico” blog, although it sounds as if the author took the pictures personally in India. Was he travelling or did he live there for a while? And as for raw milk being legal in India and Mexico, we’re only going by the info implied in this story, so if you know better, please comment.

“In Mexico milkmen still sell unpasteurized fresh milk dipped from milk cans directly into customer-supplied pots. Most sell from pickup trucks. One man in San Miguel de Allende plies his route on the back of a burro, cans slung over its back. Occasionally I see Mexican milk sellers using motorbikes. In India, motorcycles seem to be the preferred distribution vehicle….”

“….Indian milk consumers may face greater challenges than Mexicans. As I shot the image of the milkman, my gaze drifted 45º to the left, revealing an unsavory scene of a sacred cow eating trash.

I saw cows munching refuse everywhere, and it isn’t surprising. After all, it’s not like Indian cities have room for pasture. So cows eat handouts of vegetables from kindly neighbors, or whatever people discard in the street. They seem to favor newspaper and corrugated cardboard.

That’s the whole point of your ruminants, you know, with those extra stomachs. Their digestive systems break down cellulose, so they can get nutrition from paper products.

This raises a disturbing question: where exactly does the milkman get his milk? More importantly: who buys it? Maybe that restaurant where you just downed a large portion of riata (seasoned yoghurt)?

Read the whole story and see the pictures bigger here.


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