‘Farmageddon’: Factory farms vs. local fo

A new documentary aims to expose the food policies that stack the cards against local, sustainable farmers.

Remember those news articles about government regulators seizing raw milk and gouda from California stores and producers? Those articles are now coming to the big screen. “Farmageddon,” a 90-minute documentary film by Kristin Canty, aims to tell the tale of the people behind these raw food products — as well as the bigger story of how America’s food policies favor giant agribusiness and factory farms, to the detriment of small, local family farms.
I haven’t seen the film yet myself, so I hope it’s an in-depth, nuanced look at the issue. The cheese scuffle alone is pretty contentious and complicated, since unpasteurized cheese has been linked to recent E.coli breakouts. That said, the FDA recall tracking website is full of recent cheese recalls, and as far as I can tell, most of those named and shamed aren’t raw. And of course, the issues of local versus factory farmed food goes far beyond cheese.
“Farmageddon” is screening in brief runs in cities across America in June and July. Find a screening near you on Farmageddon’s website.

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