Terroir Exchange a Success: lineup of cheeses in attendance

Hosted by Culture and held in downtown Napa’s Taste at Oxbow, French and California cheesemakers gathered for the second annual Terroir Exchange.

In attendance were 8 makers from California and 6 from France, bringing over 30 different cheeses to sample.

Bay area cheese lovers descended on the Culture event to eat lots of cheese, drink Napa wines from Mahoney and Waterstone Vineyards, talk to cheesemakers, and meet the folks behind culture magazine, the French Cheese Club and the Oxbow Cheese Merchant.

A great time was had by all!

Keep posted for more of these around the country.

Terroir Exchange Cheeses From California

Cowgirl Creamery, Petaluma & Point Reyes:
Inverness (soft-ripened cow’s milk)
Red Hawk (washed-rind cow’s milk)
Wagon Wheel (firm cow’s milk)

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese, Tomales Bay:
Original Blue (cow’s milk blue)
Toma (semi firm cow’s milk)
New Blue (cow’s milk, still to be named)
Traditional Dutch Gouda (cow’s milk, 17 months),
Mountain Style (cow’s milk, 18 months)

Bellwether Farms, Valley Ford, Sonoma County:
Crescenza (soft, fresh cow’s milk drizzled with Meyer Lemon olive oil and cracked pepper)
Carmody (semi-firm cow’s milk)
San Andreas (aged sheep’s milk)

Laura Chenel’s Chevre, Sonoma:
Taupiniere (soft-ripened goat’s milk)
Cabecou (soft goat’s milk discs marinated in olive oil and herbs)
Melody (camembert-style goat cheese)

Marin French Cheese Company, Nicasio:
Schloss (‘smear-ripened’ cow’s milk brick)
Melange Camembert (mixed goat and cow’s milk)

Redwood Hill Farms, Sebastopol:
California Crottin (small goat cheese button)
Cameo (camembert-style goat cheeses with lemon verbena and red peppercorns)

Cypress Grove Chevre, Arcata:
Humboldt Fog (soft-ripened goat’s milk)
Truffle Tremor (goat’s milk infused with truffles)
Purple Haze (fresh goat with lavender and fennel pollen)
Fromage blanc (fresh goat’s milk)
Herbs de Humboldt (fresh goat with herbs de Provence)

Goats Leap Cheese, St Helena, Napa Valley:
Carmody (hard, aged goats cheese)

Terroir Exchange Cheeses From France

E. Graindorge, Normandy:
Pont l’Eveque (washed rind cow’s milk)
Camembert au Calvados (washed in Calvados)
Camembert Normanville, Grain d’Orge (washed-rind cow’s milk)
Coeur de Bray (Neufchatel)

Rivoire-Jacquemin, Jura:
Morbier (semi-firm cow’s milk)
Comte (cow’s milk mountain cheese)

Fromagerie Rouzaire, Ile de France:
Brie de Nangis (small format cow’s milk brie)
Fromage de Meaux (brie, large format)
Coulommiers (smaller brie-style)
Fougerus (smaller brie-style)
Pierre Robert (triple crème cow’s milk)
Brillat Savarin (triple crème cow’s milk)
Grand Mogol (triple crème cow’s milk)
Jean Grogne (triple crème cow’s milk)
Fin Briard Grand Marnier (brie flavored with Grand Marnier)

Lincet, Saligny:
Delice de Bourgogne (cow’s milk triple crème)
Chaorce (soft-ripened cow’s milk),
Brillat Savarin (cow’s milk triple crème)

L’Etoile du Sud, Provence:
Provencal (olive tapenade-infused goat’s milk)
Roves des Garrigues (lemon-infused goat’s milk)
St. Felicien (soft cow’s milk)
St. Marcellin (cow’s milk)

Berthaut, Burgundy:
Epoisses (cow’s milk washed in marc)
Affidelice (cow’s milk washed in Chablis)

Terroir Exchange a Success: lineup of cheeses in attendance  Terroir Exchange a Success: lineup of cheeses in attendance   Terroir Exchange a Success: lineup of cheeses in attendance Terroir Exchange a Success: lineup of cheeses in attendance

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Source: http://www.culturecheesemag.com/news/terroir_event

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