Two Canadian nominees pick up trophies at food Oscars

A documentary that tells the story of an Ontario dairy farmer fighting to be allowed to distribute unpasteurized milk received recognition at the so-called Oscars of the food world on Friday.

The hour-long film “Milk War” received a James Beard Foundation Award in the documentary category.

It chronicled Michael Schmidt’s battle with authorities to sell unpasteurized milk, which has been outlawed in Canada since 1991.

“Milk War” was written and directed by journalist Kevin O’Keefe and produced by Declan O’Driscoll. It was narrated by actor Colm Feore and broadcast on ichannel last September.

The CBC show “Ideas” also won one of the prestigious Beard awards. “Pasta: The Long and Short of It” was recognized in the audio webcast or radio show category.

Twitter personna Ruth Bourdain — a made-up online mash-up of culinary icons Ruth Reichl, editor in chief of Gourmet magazine, and chef/writer Anthony Bourdain — won the first-ever Beard award for humour writing.

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