Super Auto Rickshaw Driver – India’s first female auto rickshaw driver

Delhi may be considered unsafe for women, but that hasn’t stopped Sunita from taking up as odd a job as an autorickshaw driver.

Thirty two-year-old Sunita, the national capital’s first female driver, transcends all barriers, living and playing by the rules in a profession dominated by men.

“I drive an auto because I enjoy it. People should do what they enjoy,” she said.


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3 responses to “Super Auto Rickshaw Driver – India’s first female auto rickshaw driver

  1. Hi,
    I’m Christine, a french journalist based in Delhi. I’m looking for the details number of Sunita Choudhary as i have to make a movie report about her for the website. If you know, can you please tell me how could i find her.
    Thanks a lot by advance,
    best regards,

    • Hi there Christine, thanks for writing. Unfortunately, I do not have her contact details. But i did find some information which says that he is standing for New Delhi constituency elections. You might be able to catch her during one of her campaigns.

  2. Hi I m Vijaya jonalist nd writer I m writing a story abt Sunita for Meri saheli magazine. Can u pls give her contact no. or address. my Contact no. is 8390186807. pls reply.
    Vijaya Kathale Nibandhe

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