Eco-Friendly Taxis in Indonesia

Jakarta is planning to replace one of the city’s enduring symbols

— the orange-colored three-wheeler taxis or the bajaj— with an environment-friendly version that is powered by compressed natural gas.

Jakarta’s governor is behind the effort for the new taxis, and the aim is to cut air pollutants in the ninth densest city in the world.

[Fauzy Bowo, Jakarta Governor]:
“Almost seventy percent of the air pollutants in Jakarta comes from vehicles.”

[Fauzy Bowo, Jakarta Governor]:
“Some 1,500 old bajaj are still operating in Jakarta and we will only provide an extension letter for them if they convert the old three-wheeler for a natural gas three-wheeler.”

Most taxi drivers say they are looking forward to getting the new gas-powered vehicles, but it is a long process.

[Wali, Taxi Driver]:
“My bajaj was already in the list but it’s a long wait for the replacement process. Yes, the process is very difficult.”

A few of the new taxis have already taken to the road, distinguished by their blue exterior.

[Iman, Taxi Driver]:
“This new one is more comfortable with less vibration, less smoke and it is good for our health.”

Compressed natural gas is also cheaper than petrol. It is also more efficient, giving more mileage for the taxis.

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