Mumbaikars do you like your new Rickshaw?

The land of the dreams – Mumbai has always captured the imagination of people all across the globe.

Every Mumbaikar will admit to the fact there is absolutely no place in the world like Mumbai. The food, the people, the beaches, the sky scrapers, the climate – everything about this city is absolutely fantastic!

But not so fantastic are the rickshaws that run through the heart of this city polluting the environment. Well fret no more Mumbaikar because we have just the right solution for you.

Designers Michael Scherger, Nina Thöming and Henrik Mucha have come up with a unique solution to make this city green and clean again.

Absurdly called the ‘Taxi Green Mumbai’ idea, the vehicle is not inspired by the Mumbai Taxis (Premier Padmini to be specific) but rather inspired by the Auto rickshaws of Mumbai city.

The vehicle is basically a hybrid which combines an electric engine with a gas powered one. When filled and charged completely, it gives the range of 300km with a top speed of 30 km/hr

The battery is located beneath the passengers and there is a small luggage compartment, which can be locked from inside the cabin.

And here is the best part, it’s a Convertible. So when it rains (and it does rain a lot in Mumbai), one can fully close it by pulling out a canvas cover. When there is good weather, the roof of the vehicle can be opened to enjoy the drive.
The designers say that their funds came from the government so that’s definitely worth applauding.So this question goes to all Mumbaikars : Do you like it? We want to hear your comments below.


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