E-lax: Concept auto rickshaw by Prajwal Ullal

The auto rickshaw is a common sight on Indian roads. Well known as one of the best modes of public transport, the auto rickshaw has now become one of the main polluting vehicles in India. So who better than an Indian student to come up with a unique solution to deal with the current auto rickshaw woes? Prajwal Ullal is a budding designer who aims to solve issues related to auto rickshaws with his unique concept designed auto rickshaw. The designers concept design is christened E-lax and is the designers solution for low cost, high efficient, eco-friendly product. The E-lax auto rickshaw boasts of a battery powered 3.5kW in wheel motor powering the front wheel and a capacity of running 75 kms (avg. max distance covered in a day) in a single charge. The new revised design allows improved space and comfort. The E-lax can be charged via a normal household plug within 4-6 hours.
A great concept, now only if we someone could come up with a solution for India’s power woes.

Source: http://www.designlaunches.com/transport/elax_concept_auto_rickshaw_by_prajwal_ullal.php


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