Farming The City: Helping Grow Local Food Movements [Video]

Farming The City is an online tool empowering activists with the knowledge they need to support and create local food projects, initiatives, and activities.

The open source platform functions first as an aggregator. In joining the project, users will be asked to contribute information about an existing or future project in an online forum. The projects are then mapped out and differentiated by the type of project (e.g. food commerce, food community projects), while indicating pertinent information like whether or not the project is looking for volunteers. Areas with potential for use in future city farming initiatives are housed on the maps as well.

The site is also a resource, with academic and colloquial information required for growing or starting your local food project. Beginners can learn about which types of food grows well in their city’s soil, and researchers can access detailed reports on 20 successful innovative urban farming projects in Amsterdam. With its focus on actionable advice, the site is an all-in-one resource intended to sprout local food movements.

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