The Phoenix is a biodegradable automobile made from bamboo and 3 wheels

Remember those giant bird-like pre-historic birds in the Jurassic Park series? This vehicle pretty much reminded us of the head of one of those! And then we came across its name, and pretty much figured out just why the Phoenix car chose to look like this. Looks aside, this vehicle designed by Kenneth Cobonpue and Albrecht Birkner is an environment-friendly marvel of sorts, given that it’s the first automobile that’s biodegradable. Once used to its deathbed, this car sure isn’t going to end up in a scrap yard, like the rest of the vehicles we have around today do. Built in 10 days using bamboo, rattan, steel and nylon, the 153 inch long car’s performance stats haven’t show up yet, so we really can’t comment on its speed and power presently.
What did impress us was its biodegradability. Though, not many of us would chose to drive a bamboo car to work!


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