“O mineiro e o queijo” (Minas and Cheese) in Cinema

The New film of Helvécio Ratton reveals the strong link between the raw milk cheeses and the state of Minas Gerais culture. Although already known throughout the country of Brasil, this relationship will be shown in the documentary “The Minas and Cheese”, scheduled to launch in the second half of this year. The movie will last 70 minutes and had the support of SerTãoBras. This initiative expands the debate on the situation of artisanal cheeses in the country and the difficulties faced by its producers. The story of Cesar Felicio is shown in the documentary, but this national heritage still prevented from operating outside the state of Minas Gerais was published in Valor Economico newspaper, the Friday, April 1, 2011.

In Minas, the words “cheese” has a completely different meaning known in Sao Paulo or Rio for within the state which accounts for roughly 10% of the population, the typical cheese has nothing to do with the “Standard Minas Cheese”. The real cheese of mine is a piece of a pound and a half, absolutely circular and flatter than the presentation of European cheeses. A yellow crust formed by curing takes some effort to be broken and have access to a white interior, creamy, strong flavor and salt content higher than the industrial cheeses.

It is made with raw milk, unpasteurized, a key characteristic as the craft and launches in virtual secrecy.

At least with video or film, the 90% of Brazilians who live outside of Minas may know one of the best kept secrets compulsorily by the state: mining artisan cheese produced in the hills of Canasta, the region of Serro, near the Jequitinhonha Valley and Upper Paranaíba area on the border between Minas Gerais and Goias The relationship between this product – easily found in major mining towns, but forbidden to be sold in retail the rest of the country – and the mining culture is visceral and is shown in the documentary “Mineiro and Cheese “by Helvetius Ratton, lasting 70 minutes, to be released in the second half by Chimera Films.

In Sao Paulo, cheese from Canasta can be found in a few restaurants offering the product with maturity of up to 90 days. “I use the product as established by federal law. After a very long maturity, it is possible to taste the chips or grated cheese, “says the chef Ana Luiza Trajano, owner of the restaurant I like Brazil. For Ana Luiza, “the legislation should encourage the expansion of surveillance and not to create rules limiting both the supply available outside of Mines. ” Ana Luiza see the same situation of marginality cheese artisanal mining other products that are the heart of Brazilian cuisine. She cites the honey, brown sugar and the other cheeses such as curd, butter and curd, the Northeast, and buffalo Marajó, Pará “They want to derail the sale of raw milk cheese, but forget that in France and Italy more than 70% is manufactured from this raw material, “she complains.

More at: http://www.sertaobras.org.br/mineiro-queijo-cinema/

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