Gazelle 2 solar powered vehicle is Iran’s new sun-bather

Iran has a new reason to hold its head up in pride and look up to the sun and smile, a highly energy-efficient solar powered vehicle, the third of its kind to hit the road in the country. Now we wouldn’t term this to be a car, since it doesn’t really look like anything a car should! The vehicle seats one and weighs in at 150kgs. An advanced version of the previous Gazelle 1 vehicle, the Iranian Gazelle 2 uses a brushless DC engine with 97% efficiency. With speeds of up to 120km/h, that project manager Karen Abarnia hopes to push to 150km/h, this vehicle soaks in the sun’s juice to power up. On a perfectly sunny day, the vehicle can travel up to 600km with the sun’s help at a speed of about 80km/h!


One response to “Gazelle 2 solar powered vehicle is Iran’s new sun-bather

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