Raw milk set to be banned (Ireland)

Department of Agriculture officials have confirmed that the sale of raw milk from all species for direct human consumption is expected to be banned from this autumn.

The ban does not affect cheese made from raw milk and only applies to its sale in the Republic of Ireland so it will not affect producers exporting to other countries where its sale is not banned.

Legislation required for the ban is at an advanced stage and should be introduced by the autumn, which would allow time for a three-month EU notification period.

EU rural bodies form coalition

Five European rural and agricultural bodies have joined forces to launch a new body known as the Rural Coalition of Europe in a bid to strengthen the voice of Europe’s rural population and to increase the competitiveness of the EU agriculture sector.

The new grouping includes farmers’ organisation Copa-Cogeca, young farmers group CEJA, landowners group ELO, hunting association FACE and livestock and meat trading union UECBV.

The Rural Coalition aims to promote and defend the importance of farmers, foresters, landowners, agricultural and forestry workers, hunters and tourism operators.

Buyers to get a bull bonus

A bonus payment of €400/hd is on offer to the buyers of the top-priced bulls at Irish Angus sales in the coming weeks.

The Irish Angus Cattle Society is to pay a premium of €400 to the purchasers of the top two highest priced Irish Angus qualifying bulls at Carrick-on-Shannon on Saturday, at Kilkenny on April 20 and at Kilmallock on April 23.

In addition, a premium of €200 will be paid to the purchaser of the top priced qualifying Irish Angus heifer sold in Carrick-on-Shannon on Saturday and in Kilmallock on April 23.

Horse project team revival

The IFA is to rejuvenate its horse project team in response to welfare concerns and declining market opportunities for small breeders.

The new horse project team, which will be headed up by the current sheep chairman James Murphy, aims to help small farmer breeders in their quest for profitable foal production.

Source: http://www.independent.ie/farming/raw-milk-set-to-be-banned-eu-rural-bodies-form-coalition-buyers-to-get-a-bull-bonus-horse-project-team-revival-2615977.html

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