Paraguay to Peru on MOTOTAXI!

Take the smallest and least practical vehicle available in an entire continent, squeeze up to three uncomfortable Adventurists and throw it all at some of the most ridiculous and least hospitable terrain on our good earth. From the driest desert in the world, to the most dangerous road in the world, to the biggest rainforest in the world the Mototaxi Junket is rarefied adventure in it’s finest form – completely stupid.

There’s no guarantee of making it to the finish, and of course there is no back-up, just how you want it – otherwise it wouldn’t be an adventure. The finish party is two weeks after the start but how long it takes us depends on how much we lost and stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The machine of choice is the humble Mototaxi. Invented in Peru and not really perfected anywhere. Built from a motorbike and a few bits of pipe these hardy little ferrets are designed for pootling around the back streets of cities. Which makes them perfect for dirt tracks, waist high mud, salt flats, the Andes and sand dunes.

There’s no such thing as a route on the Junket. Just a place to start and a place to arrive covered in mud, oil and screaming in victory. Ahh the true joys of adventure.

As with everything we do this adventure will help to save the world. So every team taking part has to raise a minimum of £1000 ($2000 USD/AUD) for our key charity.


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