The Third Wheel: A Documentary on Economic Freedom for the Urban Poor

(The film shows the vies of middle class as well as the high class people of India, on the other hand it also interviews various auto rickshaw drivers)

A film by Prabodh and Centre for Public Policy Research under the banner of Liberal Youth South Asia, Directed by Saumitra Rath.
Auto rickshaws are a common sight in most Indian cities. Known as the transporter for the lower and middle class, they are an integral part of the transportation system of the country. However, one wonders why there has been little improvement in their design or why they seem to be guilty of overcharging their customers and flouting the laws. In India, as is the case with most professions, the auto-rickshaw is governed by a licensing system which has produced the unintended consequences, mainly being, financial mafia. The film explores this omnipresent profession and tries to go beneath the surface to find out what is really gone. And in doing so, it connects even those stakeholders who are usually ideologically opposed on most issues.
In January 2010, Delhi’s Environment Pollution Control Authority has recommended to the Supreme Court to remove the cap on number of licenses given to auto rickshaws for the same reasons as cited in the documentary-the emergence of the auto mafia.


2 responses to “The Third Wheel: A Documentary on Economic Freedom for the Urban Poor

  1. Auto rickshaw or commonly called as Tuk-tuk is a easy means of transportation. But really someone needs to do something so that these would have to be more safe on the road.

  2. Auto rickshas mainly popular in 3rd world country like China,India,Bangladesh.some people think auto ricksha is not safe to ride but as far i know the people of that country feel comfortable and safe to ride it.

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