The Shaw Must Go On (Trailer)


A very interesting documentary about three strangers in India, who definitely had the real tuk tuk experience!

Goa to Pokhara, two weeks and 3000km through India and Nepal in a 150cc Auto-Rickshaw!

In September 2009, three complete strangers took to the handlebars of a 150cc auto- rickshaw and joined sixty other teams on a unique, bizarre and totally unforgettable journey from Goa on the shores of the Arabian Sea to Pokhara in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Tiger infested jungles, monsoon floods, river crossings, Delhi belly, and more than one empty petrol tank – would they make it? What would they have to do to get there? How would they get along as they bumped cheek-to-cheek for ten hours a day?

From quaint Goa, climbing through Maharashtra, exploring the forts of Madhya Pradesh, threading through the side-streets of Bhopal, crossing the Ganges to the ghats of Varanassi and on to the serenity of Lumbhini – the birthplace of Buddha – and to the Himalayas beyond.

Whatever the challenge, whatever danger and hardships they face, The Shaw Must Go On!


One response to “The Shaw Must Go On (Trailer)

  1. I want to see this movie? I wonder why we don’t have these little vehicles here 70769 USA? We have prius all over people know about saving fuel now? Not all of them will use a prius but the one that do enjoy the benefits of all that extra cash. I did the math I save $160 in fuel every 1K miles US that we drive. Take that out a number of years and you got yourself quite a chunk of money. Many starting out can’t afford the prius so to me the next best thing would be a tuk tuk I would want one with a camper on the thing I found online people that build campers that fit a tuk tuk truck bed another has a tuk tuk that is used just for camping. With the increase of homeless people in the USA this should be the first vehicle they buy and keep. Maybe one day we will have made it to where it is not a crime to live as you will as long as you are working to get your way.

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