The Raw Milk Conspiracy – Short Facts!

Firstly, this pasteurisation business is all about money, you cannot make a greedy buck if your milk is going off after 2-4 days on the shelves or in the refrigerators. Secondly and I believe the main reason behind this process is to make sure that you do not receive the vitamins, minerals and proteins present in the milk in their naturally raw and unadulterated form before the milk is heated. Put plainly pasteurised milk becomes toxic sludge which is detrimental to the body; it is a dead liquid of no value. As soon as the milk is heated, the proteins, enzymes, vitamins and minerals all become denatured which means that you body can no longer utilise the contents of the milk. Also the fat molecules in the milk because of this process become lodged in the arteries and can lead to clogging of the arteries and later on down the road a heart attack.  Again, a weak population is an easy to control population. The claim of dangerous bacteria in the milk is a bare faced lie as the good bacteria keep the bad bacteria in check to where their numbers never expand to a dangerous level.

Also pasteurised milk tastes absolutely foul. For those of you who drink milk or at least use it, I challenge you to obtain some raw milk and compare it with the pasteurised counterpart. You will be amazed at how much of a fuller flavour raw milk has over its toxic sludge cousin. Also people who are lactose intolerant do not have the same problems consuming raw milk and especially do not have allergic reactions when they drink raw goat milk (which is my favourite).


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